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Más allá de la cima
[ Beyond the Summit ]

50m I In competition I Spanish (English subtitles)

Directed by Isabel Guayasamín

After an accident, Sebastián (Zuko), who was a professional mountaineer guide, lost mobility in his legs. However, through a great climbing feat he undertakes to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, he shows that limits exist only in our minds.


We see this inspiring life story through Zuko’s eyes—a truly  thrilling adventure of resilience. The film portrays his dreams and inner journey to the peak. The camera follows the protagonist through his expedition and his family life. We gain access to the mountain’s life spirit, we hear his voice and perspective of his own life and condition. These images are witnesses of a great social awareness and consciousness, also a motivating passion for nature and life’s purpose. Through flashbacks we are able to juxtapose his life before and after the accident. His life’s journey is reflected in each step of his expedition in Tanzania.

Beyond the Summit.jpeg


DODGE Building (511)

Lifetime Screening Room
2960 Broadway, NY

Q + A INVITADO ZUKO CARRASCO (Libre + Más allá de la cima)

El siguiente cortometraje se proyectará antes del largometraje.  [ The following short film will be screened before the feature film. ]

EL INVENTO DE LA SOLEDAD (20m) pictured below

03-El invento de la Soledad-Clip.jpg
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