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Gafas amarillas
[ Yellow Sunglasses ]

1hr 38m I In competition I Spanish (English subtitles)

Directed by Iván Mora Manzano

After a breakup, Julia moves into a cold apartment surrounded by unpacked boxes, and deals with small, everyday conflicts of her solitude: spending the day in pajamas, working at mediocre jobs, eating excessively while attempting to fulfill her dream of starting a literary career. Julia finds a new beginning when she meets Enzo, a waiter with delusions of being a poet, and Alejo, an employee trying to star in a play. All three will live an intense connection, through which Julia will deal with her doubts of not knowing if she’ll ever be who she dreamt to become when she was younger. Yellow Sunglasses is a tragicomic look at Julia’s universe and her quest to find her own and intimate reinvention. A story whose background is a monotonous Andean city: Quito.

Gafas amarillas Poster.jpeg


DODGE Building (511)

Lifetime Screening Room
2960 Broadway, NY

El siguiente cortometraje se proyectará antes del largometraje.  [ The following short film will be screened before the feature film. ]

EXTERIOR INTERIOR (8m) pictured below

04-Exterior Interior-Clip.jpg

Iván Mora Manzano

His short films, Silencio nuclear (2002) and Vida del ahorcado (2004), were presented, respectively, in Venice and Locarno. Sin otoño, sin primavera (2012) was his first feature film, presented in thirty festivals and in theaters in France.


In 2012 he directed a documentary for TV: La bisabuela tiene Alzheimer (2012), winner of the Doctv award. In addition to his second fiction feature, Yellow Sunglasses, he directed the documentary, The Beach of the Enchaquirados (winner of the ICCA production award and the Arché Arquipélago writing prize at Doclisboa 2018).


Filmography as Director:
Silencio nuclear (2002) short film

Vida del ahorcado: Los estudiantes (2004) short film

Sin otoño, sin primavera (2012) feature film

La bisabuela tiene Alzheimer (2012) TV documentary

The Train Leaves Two Towns (2016) short film

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