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Where We Were Safe
Interactive Showcase + Salsa Party
[Escaparate interactivo y fiesta de salsa ] 

Where We Were Safe es un archivo de historia oral interactivo que se enfoca en recopilar recuerdos sobre los lugares históricos y destruidos de música Salsa en la ciudad de Nueva York, como salones de baile, clubes, tiendas de discos y lugares al aire libre. Combinando el mapeo digital y la memoria cultural, este proyecto tiene como objetivo reconstruir el espacio histórico y recuperar el patrimonio de estos sitios a través de una lente de dinámica social, racial y cultural que alimentó la experiencia latina en la década de 1970. El realizador ecuatoriano MARCOS ECHEVERRÍA, autor de este proyecto, nos guiará en este recorrido por la historia de la salsa en Nueva York, que dará paso a música y baile. No olvides traer tus zapatos de baile!


Where We Were Safe is an interactive oral history archive that focuses on collecting memories about the destroyed and historic Salsa music places in New York City, such as ballrooms, clubs, record stores, and outdoor venues. Combining digital mapping and cultural memory, this project aims to reconstruct historical space and recover these sites' heritage through a lens of social, racial, and cultural dynamics that fed the Latin experience in the 1970s. Ecuadorian filmmaker MARCOS ECHEVERRÍA, the author of this project, will guide us on a journey through the history of salsa in New York, which will give way to music and dance. Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes!

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Marcos Michele Echeverria Ortiz

Marcos Echeverria Ortiz is an award-winning multimedia journalist, photographer, and documentalist based in New York City. For the last eight years, he has invested efforts to develop transmedia projects and cover stories related to culture, music, social movements, immigration, and human rights.

Originally from Ecuador, through Radio COCOA, Noisey VICE, and more, he has written, filmed, and photographed the underground music and cultural scene of Latin America. Marcos graduated with honors from the Media Studies MA program at The New School. He has recently covered social justice movements and his photos have been published in The New York Times and Business Insider. Through documentary and hybrid forms of media, he chronicles the Latinx experience in New York City through stories interjected by music, inequality, memory, and history.

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