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[ Samson ]

1hr 30m I In competition I Spanish (English subtitles)

Directed by Pável Quevedo Ullauri

After many years in prison, former boxer, Baldomero, is finally released. But his new freedom torments him. He sees himself as a forgotten man, excluded from society. When he meets tecnocumbia singer, Amelia, he finds the strength and hope to rebuild his life. The guilt and the ghosts from the past, however, are more alive than ever before.



153 E. Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ


El siguiente cortometraje se proyectará antes del largometraje.  [ The following short film will be screened before the feature film. ]

LIMPIA (10m) pictured below

Pável Quevedo Ullauri.jpg

Pável Quevedo Ullauri

Ecuadorian director, screenwriter, and producer. His first film, La Tola Box premiered in the main cinemas of Ecuador and was screened at festivals such as Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana, Mostra de São Paulo, Filmar en América Latina, EDOC. With his first fiction feature film, Samson in post-production, he participated in the script fund of the Amiens festival in France; in Produire au Sud of the Festival de 3 Continents in Nantes, France; "The Journey of the Andean Hero" organized by Ibermedia in La Paz, Bolivia. The project won the Ibermedia development and co-production fund and the Ecuadorian film fund. Samson was selected by the Work in Progress competition (WIP) at the 2018 Viña del Mar International Film Festival and won first prize. It was also selected by the WIP of the 2018 La Orquídea International Film Festival, Cuenca, Ecuador, Film in Progress of Ventana Sur, 2018, and the Málaga WIP-Lab, Spain, 2019.


Pável is developing the scripts, "I don't want to mention death,” winner of fiction scriptwriting from Ecuador’s National Film Fund. He developed the documentary essay, La cumbia del jaguar.


He studied film at the National Film and Documentary School of Argentina, in Buenos Aires, and documentary film at the Universidad Popular de Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo. He also studied music, specializing in piano. In 2000 he won the International Poetry Award "Valentín Arteaga" from Spain. He has made several short films: Alicia, Clown, Destierro de medianoche, No llega la luz, Nora, among others. He teaches screenwriting and directing at labs and workshops in several countries. He produces and conducts the radio program, Encuadre Tropical, about Latin American and Costa Rican cinema, in Radio UCR of Costa Rica.

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