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The Train Leaves Two Towns I 2015 I 8 m I Doc.


Spanish and English with Spanish and English subtitles  

Directed by Ivan Mora Manzano I Written by Ivan Mora Manzano.


Train Leaves Two Towns is a work of observation that talks about space and collective memory.

In Ecuador, the railway system was built between 1861 and 1908 in order to connect the Coast Tropical region with the Andean Highlands. 
Work begun under orders of conservative President García Moreno and was finished by liberal President Eloy Alfaro, a symbol for the current political left. 
They were both murdered. 


To this date, the two regions continue to live as two separate countries, even if the tracks connect them in a single day



Iván Mora Manzano was born in 1977 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. 
His first work as a director and screenwriter: Silencio Nuclear (2002) was the first Ecuadorian short film to be presented at the Venice Film Festival. His second short Vida del Ahorcado (2004) won an award in Ecuador and was shown in the frame of the 67 Locarno Film Festival Filmmaker’s Academy’s exhibitions where he was invited. 
Sin Otoño, Sin Primavera (115’ 2012) is his first feature film and was shown in film festivals such as Sao Paulo, Cartagena, Warsaw, Mar del Plata, La Habana, and Miami. 
The film was sold to U.S., Brazil and France. In 2012 he directed a documentary for TV: La Bisabuela tiene Alzheimer (52min. 2012) that won the Doctv award. Currently he’s developing his second fiction feature Yellow Sunglasses, while directing the documentaries for TV and composing soundtracks for new films in Ecuador. 
Filmography as Director: 
- Silencio Nuclear (2002) short film 
- Vida del Ahorcado: Los Estudiantes (2004) short film 
- Sin Otoño, Sin Primavera (2012) feature film 
- La Bisabuela tiene Alzheimer (2012) documentary for TV 

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