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Cocolata I 2016 I 6 m I Fic.


Spanish with English subtitles

Directed by Sofía Coloma Romo I Written by Sofía Coloma Romo.


Mario is going to buy some chocolate, but in his way back he feels an infinite emotion and anxiety to get to his house and drink that chocolate. Prior to get to his house an encounter with a little girl will make his experience more stunning.



I was born in Quito on January 29, 1988. I studied in the school "Liceo Los Alamos". At my last year of school I started to get interested in cinema and decided that I would do it my career. At the age of 18, I went to San Francisco University where I studied film and video. During the four years of study I participated in short films like "Despierta" where I was part of the art team. I was the producer of the short film "Bolsas de Té" and I have been assistant director in approximately 19 short films.

I have participated in feature films like "Prometeo Deportado" by director Fernando Mieles and "Pescador" by Sebastián Cordero, "Ochenta y Siete" by Anahi Hoeneisen and Daniel Andrade, "Alba" by Ana Cristina Barragan; "Tan Distintos" and "Instantanea" and "Aguejero Negro", a feature film that is in the post production stage, in all of them in the Direction team, in the last three as an assistant director. 
As a Director ihas made a short documentary "Agárrate fuerte" (2009), a short film "Buenos días" (2009), "BOCETOS" (2012) which was part of the short film selection of the 35th festival of new Havana cinema. And In 2014 I directed my last short film "COCOLATA" which was completely finished in early 2016. 

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